Unlock 2.0: Lockdown in malls still in Jharkhand-Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh; Mall resumes in Bhopal-Delhi- Banglore Lucknow, no shops, no entry for children and elderly in malls of Chandigarh

From Monday, malls, hotels and restaurants were opened across the country. The government of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Maharashtra have not yet approved the opening of malls. In other states, shopkeepers were seen cleaning on the first day everywhere.

Unlock 2.0 Mall & Relegious Places resumes

New Delhi: From Monday, malls, hotels and restaurants were opened across the country. The government of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Maharashtra have not yet approved the opening of malls. In other states, shopkeepers were seen cleaning on the first day everywhere. Thermal screening and sanitization were arranged outside the main gate of the malls. Businessmen and employees are also being screened before entering. Also, a register is being maintained, in which the phone numbers of all are being written. Mall shopkeepers have not opened their shops in Lucknow for their demands.

Delhi: Ambience Mall in Vasant Kunj reopens for the public:

The Ministry of Home Affairs allowed opening of shopping malls from today with certain precautionary measures amid the #COVID19 outbreak.

Punjab: Hotel owners feared, employees would not return if they left;

Religious places, hotels and malls have been opened amidst the fear of Corona. Hotel operators have breathed a sigh of relief. The operators of many hotels were holding their employees as they were. Operators feared that if employees once moved to their home state, it would be difficult for them to return. At the same time, thermal scanning is mandatory before entering the malls. After this, entry is being given through the Kova app. Employees wearing PPE kits were deployed at the entrance of Jalandhar’s MBD Mall on Monday. He did thermal scanning of visitors to the mall.

Danteshwari Temple of Dantewada. A flower shop was also opened after opening, but only a few people arrived

Chhattisgarh: If you want to ring the bells in temples, you will have to bring home the mall-multiplex lock:

Including Raipur, after 80 days in the state, all religious places have opened since Monday. Earlier most of the religious places were cleaned on Sunday. More focus was on sanitization. Sanitizer tunnels have been installed outside many religious sites. In temples, people have to bring home-made offerings and bells. Namaz will be recited on the floor in mosques. Hauz will not be used for Vaju. There is a prohibition in churches for people to meet outside after prayer. Anchor parcel will be given in the gurdwaras. Along with this, gardens and stadiums have also been opened. However, only outdoor activities are allowed there. The swimming pool, gym, auditorium, shopping mall, multiplex and talkies will not open.

Extensive security arrangements have been made at DB Mall in Bhopal. People were allowed inside here only after investigation.

Madhya Pradesh: DB City Mall in Bhopal reopens for public:

As District Collector of Bhopal allowed reopening of shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants from today in the areas outside containment zones. Hotels, restaurants, and malls opened in Bhopal since Monday after lockdown. Returning to Rokan in the markets, most people arrived at the city’s most prominent DB Mall to get the necessities, while some also came for a walk. DB Mall, located in the heart of the city, was duly opened with worship. Admission to this was given only to those people, who followed it fully following the instructions of the administration. Apart from the entrance of the mall, sanitizer and thermal screening have been arranged at various places. Other malls in the city have also opened in a similar manner. However, a lot of precaution is still being done in the red zone areas of the city

Rajasthan: Traders said, think about us too:

Malls, hotels and restaurants were opened in Rajasthan from Monday. On the first day, shopkeepers and employees were seen cleaning in the malls. Thermal screening and sanitization were arranged at the main gate of the malls here. Businessmen and employees are also being screened before admission. Also being maintained in a register. Everyone’s phone numbers are being written in it. Meanwhile, the first mall Sarawagi Mansion in Jaipur re-opened today. All the safety standards are being taken care of here. Shopkeepers were seen decorating the shop on the first day. During this time some women also went shopping. Saraogi Mansion was opened in Jaipur in 1985.

This is the Singapore Mall of Lucknow. The mall opened on the government’s instructions but, the shopk;eepers did not open shops.

Karnataka: Garuda mall situated at Bengaluru’s MG Road resumes operation:

As Govt allows reopening of shopping malls from today.J Joseph,manager of mall says,”Aarogya Setu App is mandatory for all visitors.We’re allowing people to enter mall after temperature checks&sanitization”.

Mall Manager Speaking to ANI: Image Source ANI

UP: Mall opens in Lucknow, shops closed in:

Lucknow. After two and a half months, Raunak is seen returning to Uttar Pradesh. After the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the permission from the state government, the movement has increased in public places since morning. The locks of big malls have opened and the shutters of the shops have been lifted. Chairman of Adarsh ​​Vyapar Mandal of Lucknow, Sanjay Gupta said that all the major malls in the capital will open, but shops within them will not open. This is because their benefit is less and loss is more. Shopkeepers have to pay maintenance expenses according to the square feet. The shops will not open until the government forgives it.

Malls in Chandigarh were less crowded.

Chandigarh: Children, pregnant and elderly will not be allowed:

In the malls, Entry Tri-City Malls are opening from today. According to the new rules, children younger than 10 years, pregnant women, and elderly people above 65 years will not get an entry in malls. Apart from this, those who have health problems are also asked not to come to the mall. The guards will have the responsibility to follow the social distancing inside the mall.

Mall, Commercial Space to be closed in Maharashtra:

The Government of Maharashtra has not yet decided to allow religious places in Mumbai and the state to open. So even though religious places may be opened across the country, their locks will not be opened in Mumbai and Maharashtra from Monday. According to Rajendra Bhagwat, secretary of the state’s law and justice department, ‘Decision is yet to be made on the opening of temples, mosques, churches and other religious places for the people. No decision has been taken yet to allow people to congregate at such places. ‘Malls, theaters, clubs, large commercial spaces in the state will be closed till further orders.


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