The future of the Staff Commission will be decided after the lockdown, the Kamal Nath government was formed

लॉकडाउन के बाद तय होगा कर्मचारी आयोग का भविष्य, कमलनाथ सरकार में हुआ था गठन


Commission working for other staff matters including salary discrepancy

Bhopal. The future of the State Employees Commission set up in the Kamal Nath government will be decided after the lockdown. This is being said because the Congress has dissolved many commissions with the cancellation of political appointments made in the government. There is also confusion over the State Employees Commission.

With the increase of corona patients in the state, the work of government offices came to a standstill after the lockdown. The government’s focus shifted from Corona to prevention and transition. Work is now started in offices with 30 percent attendance. After the lockdown opens, the work of the government will speed up with the normal functioning here.

Talking about the work of the commission, this commission, formed on 12 December 2019, has got very little time to work. Because in the beginning month, the commission could get office and office staff etc. The commission started its work. Started hearing of cases of employees, officers. The cases of retired employees also arrived here. Most of the cases were related to salary mismatch and promotion. Meanwhile, the commission has also held discussions with about 40 employee organizations. Their suggestions have also been taken, but the commission work is incomplete at the moment.

There has been confusion in the commission since the change of government. The commission will also give recommendations to the government after completing its work, but the future of the commission is still in question. Commission members are also waiting for the lockdown to open.

These are the officers in the State Employees Commission-

Chairman- Ajay Nath, Retired ACS,
Members- Yogesh Sonagariya, Retired Justice, Virender Khongal, Akhilesh Agarwal, Milind Waikar,

It is only the government that knows what the government decides about the commission, but it is true that the commission has already held discussions with 40 organizations. Discussions are to be held with other organizations. Other matters are more including salary discrepancy of employees.

– Virendra Khongal, Member State Employees Commission




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