Realme Band: ‘New’ version goes on sale, price Rs 1,499

Realme has made the new version of its reality band available in the open sale. Its price is Rs 1,499. Red, Orange and Green Zones can order this smart band


Realme announced on Friday that the company is now selling a new version of its reality band. In this, some software updates have been done for the Indian market and changes have been made in the display. This new version is available for sale through Flipkart and Amazon. The company launched this fitness tracker in March and it was made available on sale in March itself.

According to the company, this updated reality band has a brighter display and a revised UI for a better user experience. Also, the upgraded heart rate sensor has been given for more accuracy in the reality band.

Red, Orange and Green Zones can order this smart band

Enhanced Reality Band is being sold through Amazon and Flipkart. Customers living in Red, Orange and Green Zones can order this smart band. However, customers residing in Containment Zones will not be able to deliver it. The price of Reality Band is Rs 1,499.

Specifications of Realme Band

  • The Reality Band has a 0.96-inch (2.4cm) color TFT LCD panel with 80×160 pixels resolution.
  • This display also has a touch button. Reality has informed that the new version of the band will get a more bright display than the original.
  • The Reality Band UI has been updated to work under the sun. Also, the company has informed us that the fitness tracker will come with Firmware version 6.0.

Similarly, a new page has come up in the reality app’s Weather app with Daily Weather Information. This weather app gives real-time data. Apart from this, features like sleep quality monitor, idol alert, cricket mode, and 9 sports mode are also available in the reality band.

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