Gujrat Data Leak: Mobile number, e-mail and home address of anyone selling for just 6 paise, every personal detail selling by data mafia

Privacy and data security remain a big issue all over the world. Global companies like Google-Facebook have to answer in the US Parliament on this issue, but the price of this precious data in India has been reduced to a small amount.

Gujrat Data Leak
Gujrat Data Leak

Gujrat: Privacy and data security remain a big issue all over the world. Global companies like Google-Facebook have to answer in the US Parliament on this issue, but the price of this precious data in India has been reduced to a small amount. You will be surprised that anyone’s mobile number, email, and even home address can be acquired by just paying 6 paise. After getting this information, Dainik Bhaskar performed a sting operation for 15 days. Read how this secret data is sold at a cheaper price.

The work involves the physical verification agents of most banks. Municipalities, transport offices, builders, mobile vendors and those who carry out verification before giving SIM are also engaged in this work.

Get 4 card details for Rs 5000:

To investigate, Bhaskar’s team purchased 550 pages of data from several cities in Gujarat. Information on credit cards can be obtained here. Just the price has to be paid with bitcoin. and, website have details of credit card holders across the country. These websites give details of 4 customers of Visa, MasterCard or Maestro Card, taking $ 70 i.e. 5000 rupees.

Identity card in 5 paise, credit card details in two and a half thousand:

Apart from banking details, Aadhaar and PAN card data is also available in the market. These are used by hackers to cheat online. Data mafia always deals through e-mail, web, phone call or WhatsApp. Data of 100-150 people is given in sample. Name, mobile number, address, identity card are available for only 5 paise. The rate of data of a credit card is $ 35 i.e. two and a half thousand rupees. The data mafia also has information about the company and position of the people.

What is the law in India: According to the Data Protection Act in the country, an organization can collect a person’s data, but selling without permission is a crime.

Credit Card: Hackers can free entire account:

Account Holder’s NameSun
Credit Card Number52234600048xxxxx
Expiry date11/22
Three digit CVV number07x
mobile number8637421278
Visa, MasterCard or Maestro carMaster card
LocalityHouse No 15, Rasappa Chetti Street Park Town Chennai
E mail

(30 data from Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara)

PAN, Voter ID, Driving License and Aadhar Card are all sold:

Complete data of aadhar card

Rasik Bhai Devasi Bhai Rathod575337193516
Prakash Bhai Devasi Bhai Rathod487431654048

Pan card detail

Kalpana Arvind Bhai JainAGUPJ9787F
Pritesh Thakur Bhai PatelANUPP3134F

Driving license details

Vimal Bhai Mukesh Bhai NalwalaGJ0520100202680
Mukesh Bhai Wagha Bhai VeraGJ0504276703

Election card detail

Smitaben HoraGJ / 24/171/375318
Kritikaben Prakashbhai PatelGJ / 24/172/130277

Foreign import data found in Sting, meticulous details of international trade were also found:

Product informationWaste Paper White Weight Strength Scrap
quantity 16.901 ton
Total asset value 454227.9 rupees
Value per unit 26875 rupees
Total currency value in foreign currency6388.5 US Dollars
How full of duty 22711.4 rupees
Importer Name            Vikas Hygiene Products Pvt. Ltd.
Know               Alkapuri Arcade, Vadodara
Exporter Name LLC, TO GP Harmon Recycling, Jericho Plaza, Jericho, New York         
Invoice number   4.5xxx
Customer pan AAACL1837xxxxx
Indian Port        August 2018 at Hazira port

Foreign export data found in Sting, anti-misuse can be used:

Product information30 sheets printed scrap pad
quantity3077.86 Kg
Value per unit1.33 US Dollars
Indian Exporter NameLaxmi Book Pvt. Ltd.
Exporter AddressSubhash Chowk, Gopipura, Surat
Foreign Importer NameChemical Bank
Foreign portLos Angeles
Indian PortHazira
Shipping dateFebruary 2019


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