Coronavirus Live Update: India overtakes Italy, reaching number six; 2.37 lakh cases in the country so far

6649 deaths due to corona infection in the country, Maharashtra has the highest death of 2849 The five countries most affected by Corona are the United States, Brazil, Russia, Spain, and Britain.

Coronavirus Live Update

New Delhi: The number of corona patients in the country has increased to 2 lakh 37 thousand 060. With this, in terms of numbers, India has overtaken Corona, which was badly affected by Italy. According to, India is now sixth while Italy is seventh. According to these figures, till Saturday morning in India, there were 2 lakh 36 thousand 184 cases. At the same time, in Italy, the figure was 2 lakh 34 thousand 531. However, there is a considerable difference in the case of deaths. In India, 6 thousand 649 people died while in Italy 33 thousand 774 people. The five countries most affected by Corona are the United States, Brazil, Russia, Spain, and Britain.

The Union Ministry of Health also released Corona figures on Saturday. Accordingly, 9887 cases were reported in the last 24 hours. At the same time, 294 people died. During this period, the number of infected in the country increased to 2 lakh 36 thousand 657. Among them, there are 1 lakh 15 thousand 942 active cases. One lakh 14 thousand 073 has become healthy. At the same time, 6642 people lost their lives.

Latest Corona updates:

  •  An employee of Info Directorate (ED) was found positive in Delhi. This is the case of the headquarters at Lok Nayak Bhavan in Delhi. The building is sanitized on Friday. The office will remain sealed even today.
  • Rajasthan has become the fifth state in the country, where corona cases have exceeded 10,000. So far 218 people have died due to infection in the state.

5 days when the highest number of cases occurred:

The dateThe case
5 June9462
4 June9838
3 June9638
2 June8820 
31 May8789
30 May8364

Update from the States:

Madhya Pradesh: 234 new patients came on Friday and 7 deaths occurred. 54 patients were found in Indore, 52 in Bhopal, 38 in Neemuch, 12 in Khargone, 9 in Ujjain and Sagar. The number of infected in the state has reached 8996, while 384 people have lost their lives.

41 Corona patients were discharged from Viva Hospital on Friday. So far, 1108 patients have returned to their homes from the Kovid hospitals of the city.

Uttar Pradesh: On  Friday, the maximum number of 496 new patients was found in a day and 12 people died. The number of infected now reached 9733, while 5648 were cured. 257 patients have died due to this disease in the state.

Maharashtra:  2436 new cases were found here on Friday, while a record 139 patients lost their lives in one day. The number of infected in the state has increased to 80 thousand 229. Of these, more than 35 thousand were cured. Only 35% of the total patients in the country are in Maharashtra. There have been 2849 deaths so far, out of which 31 were policemen.

This air conditioned Kovid Center is being set up at RTO Kandarpada in Mumbai. It will have 250 beds with ICU and dialysis facilities.

Rajasthan: On  Friday, 222 infected were found and 5 patients died on Friday. 51 cases were found in Jodhpur, 42 in Bharatpur, 24 in Jhalawar, 19 in Pali, 17 in Sikar and 16 in Jaipur. In this way, 10 thousand 84 cases have been reported so far in the state. At the same time, 218 have died due to infection so far.

Jaipur in Rajasthan received heavy rainfall on Friday. The shopkeepers on the sidewalk were harmed. The pot seller said that weather was hitting between the lockdowns. Today could not earn any money.

Bihar: The number of corona infections in the state has increased to 4598. On Friday, 146 new patients were found and one died. So far 88313 samples have been investigated. Around 21 lakh migrant laborers have come to Bihar and 11 lakh of them have returned home after completing the quarantine period.



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